CAREER: My Life in the Social Media Industry

“My Life As…” is *SCAPEpersonaldiscovery’s series of interactive talks by guest speakers with stories to tell about unusual or underrated job opportunities available in Singapore.

What is influence and what is it for? Who goes deep into the world of figuring out how social media changes the way we live? To what extent is it possible to create social good through Facebook Likes and YouTube hits?

Come meet our social media influencers who use social media for social good. Go deep with us in discovering the power of social media and influence. Come learn about how you could do more with your social media influence than you think.

Benjamin Kheng, The Sam Willows

Matthew Zachary Liu

Jie Zhen,The Hidden Good

Diane Leow, Digital Journalist


*SCAPEpersonaldiscovery CAREER talks

Whether you want to get inspired by people who have found career success by looking at work differently or simply want to broaden your perspective on the diversity of job opportunities available in Singapore, these *SCAPEpersonaldiscovery CAREER talks are for you!

Singaporeans tend to believe that the only way to succeed is to work within certain professions or institutions that are labelled “prestigious”, “elite” or “global”. But there are plenty of career opportunities out there that not only cater to a wider spectrum of talents, also provide equal or greater levels of personal satisfaction.

Discover from our guest speakers about how their work is not just aligned with global and national trends but also aligned with their own personal aspirations and talents.

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Mon Aug 3, 2015
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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